Bettina Bräunl  strategic interventionist – consultant – coach – trainer  (curriculum vitae)



I am dedicated to help people grow beyond borders capitalizing on their unique personal and business strengths and potential. I improve the quality of peoples’ life by making them use their strengths and resources more effectively. I enable individuals to perform better under pressure; in complex environments with strategic intervention tools.


For more than two decades, I have worked in over 20 countries with over 50 nationalities of people; all of whom come from very different social backgrounds. I speak four languages – English, German, French and Spanish – fluently and through my unique communications abilities I honor everyone’s differences with ease. I am able to identify the specific strengths of each person I coach. This insight helps me to support the person by discovering their talents, skills, and knowledge. In my training I implement high quality control and use personal profiles including LIFO®  and DISC, Value Index and Attribute Index by Innermetrix .


Do you want to be happier because you are more confident and more aware of your capacities?
Do you want to increase your quality of life significantly feeling stronger, centred and calm even in highly complex situations and challenging environments?
Do you want to enhance your professionalism, keep your staff happy and motivated in the long term, and attain better results at the same time?

Through Strategic Intervention

  • You will increase your self-confidence and enhance your capacity to successfully handle any challenge you are faced with
  • You will be able to recognize your personal needs through a constructive approach, and you will be able to meet those needs easily.
  • You will free yourself from the physical and emotional stress that results from not meeting your own needs.
  • You will undergo a paradigmatic shift in the way you lead yourself and those you work with.
  • You will get more out of both professional and personal relationships because you will start to understand how to analyse the dynamics of these relationships.
  • You will maximise your talents and move towards your goals more confidently. Through building upon your natural abilities you will capitalise on your strengths and become more aware of what you do well; and through this develop ability to coach yourself.
  • You will progress faster and accomplish more when you give yourself permission to do what you do well.

As soon as you capitalize on your unique personal and business potential you will start growing… beyond borders.

This is where I work

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