Bettina Bräunl

International Leadership and Security Trainer | Strategic Interventionist (curriculum vitae)

Lead | Transform | Grow

Leadership starts with yourself. The best leaders emanate leadership, rather than imposing it onto others. Successful leaders manage themselves extraordinarily well and communicate concisely. Leadership creates security.

As highly specialized expert, I train leaders and their teams in leadership and security in times of transformation during complex crisis and in dangerous territories. Leadership tools derived from the military can be immensely effective under these circumstances. My work is based on a comprehensive academic education in economics and public health, a Master’s degree in international security from the German Universität der Bundeswehr as well as many years of leadership and negotiation experience in business and humanitarian aid.

Since 1992, I have been successfully working with people of different nationalities in the private business sector, international organizations, governments and special forces in more than 30 countries. In my strategic communication and behavior workshops, I will inspire you to unearth your personal strengths and resources and teach you how to effectively use them, especially in negotiations and in crisis settings

Together, we will customize the training workshops to your individual needs and goals.

Dedicated to helping you grow … beyond borders

I am fluent in German, English, Spanish and French.

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