Leadership Beyond Borders

Lead with confidence – be alert and agile in managing conflict and crisis.

Pervasive transformation brings on new challenges for leaders.

Globalization, demographic change, digitalization and dynamization of the workplace all impact our framework of action. Continually, we are challenged to adapt to changing prevailing circumstances, to constructively cope with uncertainty and to operate fluidly – in short: to be agile! Simultaneously, it has become even more important to build trust and foster relationships, to involve staff and regard their needs.

Advance your leadership personality

Effective self-management, emotional intelligence and trust are key competences of successful leaders, particularly under pressure and in challenging situations. My personal leadership workshops manifest this foundation and advance it, based on detailed analysis of our performance capacity profile.

In my team leadership training, we built on strategic leadership tools in combination with agility skills, flexible negotiation methods and professional crisis management. We use the power of language and the language of power to inspire, transform and actively shape the future.