„I particularly liked the appreciative treatment of the participants: you kept coming back to questions and needs of the participants! Content was processed in a very structured way, emotional and scientific contexts were presented convincingly and at the same time very comprehensibly. I have gained a lot of security for very stressful situations. Thank you!“

Bernadette Ilboudo

UNHCR, Burkina Faso

„I was impressed by your expertise, your moderation style, and the intensive response to each individual. As well as your understanding, your knowledge of human nature and this enormous wealth of experience from which everyone could benefit. All questions were answered exceptionally deeply and professionally.“

Tara Thiels

Doctor, Germany

„Bettina was an excellent trainer. She is very competent and experienced and at the same time empathetic and an excellent moderator. One of the best seminar leaders I have experienced so far in my life.“

Dieter Welzheim

IPA/IBZ, Schloss Gimborn, Marienheide